I Don't Know But I Been Told / Steven Soderbergh Has Me Down Cold

By Matthew McConaughey's yellow crop top, I swear it!

Things We're Digging This Week - Soderbergh Edition

The gang goes into all the muscles and moments we love from Soderbergh


A crisp, hilarious caper that reminds you its okay to have fun at the movies

The Films of Steven Soderbergh: THE UNDERNEATH

The director who wasn't there

Some days you just don’t seem all that together. It happens to all of us. But when you are a director of a film and don’t have the slightest idea with what you are doing, it’s not a pleasant thing to experience. Quite possibly the nadir of Soderbergh’s post SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE floundering, it

The Reassurance of Awe: The Metaphysics of Music in Soderbergh’s SOLARIS

Cliff Martinez wallops the soul with this hulking masterpiece of a score

This article was originally run in September of last year.  In honor of our ongoing tribute to Steven Soderbergh, we rerun it today as part of Soderbergh Week. Cliff Martinez has found his way to the common tongue in film and game circles thanks to his emotionally frank and transparently gorgeous work for Steven Soderbergh and,

Daniel Craig to Return for Bond 25

Hopefully it will be more CASINO ROYALE, and less Le Chiffre's Torture Chair

As you might have noticed the Lewton Bus crew are pretty big fans of James Bond, so it’s safe to say that we’ve been following the last few years of will-he-or-won’t-he surrounding Daniel Craig’s possible return to the franchise with a curious eye. And during that time it’s been difficult to predict exactly what Baccarat