A Very Happy Birthday to Us!

We're 15 in dog years. Learner's permit, here we come!

It’s amazing how fast time has been passing for me lately. Maybe it’s my getting older, maybe it’s the non-stop chaos in the news, or maybe it’s just that old cliché: I’m having fun! I seriously can’t believe that we launched Lewton Bus a year ago last Sunday. It snuck up on me, and what a year it’s been! During that time we’ve continued to expand our stable of writers, launched a wonderful podcast, had a ton of fun with theme weeks and series, and generally had a blast. We’re still a small site, but we’re growing, and I think I speak for the rest of the Krewe of Lewton Bus when I say we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished this year.

What about you guys, our lovely readers and listeners? What have you enjoyed so far? What can we do better? What would you like to see?

  • The DC & Marvel fan

    The DOES IT LOOK LIKE OUR FIRST TIME? series has been a pleasure to read (I’m not biased at all).

    What would I like to see? Probably video reviews and more article series. I’m open to possibilities.

  • Davis McArdle

    OK, so long time lurker -more like listener, the day only has so many hours- first time poster now. Happy birthday and you guys have been killing it big time, carrying over all the great fun and savvy from… that other site to this one. Been a pleasure finding you gang here and promise I’ll split my commenting time more evenly now.

    As for loves, sure, the DOES IT LOOK LIKE… series was a blast (but oh so occasionally maddening) as well as a few retrospective series, and of course the podcast is peerless fun. I’d consider misses not having more content focused on older movies -older: pre-1970- and I think a regular feature on you guys taking turns on discovering a classic for the first time would work wonders, as the enthusiasm when (re)discovering some movies is definitely infectious. But hey, no biggie: so far so definitely good.

    • That’s an excellent point as far as older films, and it’s something we should work on. For my part (I swear I’m gonna do this! I am!) I’m planning on a series of articles about the filmography of Sam Fuller. That’s not gonna be until October probably, but it’s something!

    • Allen

      Glad you’re enjoying the Bond series, we aren’t quite done with it yet, there’s 3 films and a wrap up of some kind left to go, but it’s good to know people are enjoying them!

  • Happy Birthday and keep up the great work! I am eagerly awaiting the IT review! (Saw it last night!)