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Monkey Planet: The Birth of PLANET OF THE APES

Your Father was an Orangutan, and your Mother was a Chimpanzee!

The year was 2001.  Tim Burton’s reboot of Planet of the Apes had just hit theatres, and I had seen it, and even enjoyed it, but I was looking for clarification on the ending that sees Spaceman Marky Mark return to an Earth ruled by Apes – how did that work, exactly?  I had seen the

Ice and Fire Clash in New GAME OF THRONES Trailer

In which, it appears, winter has finally arrived. Brrr.

HBO released a new 2-minute trailer for the penultimate season of Game of Thrones today, and boy does it have a lot going on. HBO has promised (threatened?) that the final two seasons would contain fewer episodes, but it doesn’t look like they’ve skimped on the content as there is a whole heck of a

FAST & FURIOUS – Bro-conciliation

Why the Most Dour Film of the F&F Franchise is also the Most Important

The open road slips beneath us, asphalt baking and cracking under the hot Dominican sun. Then, moments later, we are overtaken by a tanker truck. It is soon revealed to be no more than prey for none other than Dom, Letty, and a non-dead Han, plus a few fresh faces. This is a mission statement: