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It’s Finally Here: STAR WARS WEEK

Well, here we are.  Officially less than a week away from the most anticipated film of the year: Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So what are we doing here at Lewton Bus?  Well, we already spent a week fawning over the Fast and Furious series, the Alien series, Spider-Man, and all sorts of other properties, so obviously we’re going

My Favorite Movie: JAWS

The Shark is Still Working

Hey! The Bus Stops Here is back after a Thanksgiving break with a new episode of My Favorite Movie.  This month, Allen and Kevin are joined by Lewton Bus’s own Jared Eves to talk about his favorite film, the original summer megablockbuster, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws! As long in the tooth as it is, the film

My Favorite Movie: THE PRINCESS BRIDE with Zach Luna

Zach Seems Like a Decent Fellow, We Hate to Kill Him

Zach Luna joins Kevin and Allen this week to talk about THE PRINCESS BRIDE, his favorite film of all time! As a professional in Hollywood, Zach shares some unique and lovely stories about this magical film. Also, here are some pictures of Zach’s dope Dread Pirate Roberts costume and rapier: And his photo op with

My Favorite Movie: CASINO ROYALE

We’ve got an announcement to make! We interrupt this broadcast of The Bus Stops Here to announce a brand new show!  My Favorite Movie is a new recurring series where Allen and I will be joined by a guests to discuss the movies that they love.  No bickering about historical importance or cultural legacy and relevance, merely an appreciation

The Bus Stops Here: ALIEN Week Edition

Lewton Bus writers Kevin Kuhlman, Ryan Roch, and Shannon Hubbell work their way through all five films in the main Alien franchise for Alien week in preparation for the impending release of Alien: Covenant. Priority One: Listen to this podcast.  Share on Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/Friendster for analysis. All other considerations secondary Crew Expendable Subscribe:

Phoenix Film Festival Review: THE NIGHT WATCHMEN

ZOMBIELAND meets 30 DAYS OF NIGHT as written by latter day David Zucker

When did Vampires become cool again? After the Twilight films, it seemed as if vampires had become tainted with glitter and poorly veiled chastity metaphors. However, it seems as if this blemish on the bloodsuckers has passed and 2017 has already seen a variety of films featuring these monsters, including an early candidate for the


"I pray, but I am lost. Am I just praying to silence?"

Martin Scorsese’s near 30 year journey to adapt Shūsaku Endō’s novel is a challenging and pensive dive into Christianity, faith, politics, pride, and morality.