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The Bus Stops Here: ALIEN Week Edition

Lewton Bus writers Kevin Kuhlman, Ryan Roch, and Shannon Hubbell work their way through all five films in the main Alien franchise for Alien week in preparation for the impending release of Alien: Covenant. Priority One: Listen to this podcast.  Share on Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/Friendster for analysis. All other considerations secondary Crew Expendable Subscribe:

Trash Time: ALIEN V. PREDATOR(s)

The TRASH TIME team take on the much-maligned ALIEN V. PREDATOR films

With a new Alien film just around the corner, Bee, Arzner, and Tanner welcome Lewton Bus regular Kevin to a long, weirdly impassioned heart-to-heart about the Alien v. Predator films! This time we locked poor Allen in a cryo-chamber. We’re still debating letting him out. Subscribe: