Spoilerdome: THE LAST JEDI


Alright, so now that most of us have now seen the eighth installment in the Skywalker saga, Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Our very own Reinier reviewed it here)lets dig right into it!  New starships! New characters! Unexpected returns! Twists! Turns! PORGS!

We’re opening up the Spoilerdome in the comments below, so feel free to give it all you got.

  • Jason Lasica

    Yo Space Dern going to hyperspeed has been one of my favorite moments in the theater in a long time. The kind of moment where the experience feels communal, where it feels like everybody else in the same room participated in it.

    • The hyper jump into First Order fleet might be my image of the year.

    • jeves23

      People in my screening gasped when that happened. I think the long silent moment that punctuated it really helped to make it.

      • Oh, yeah. There were gasps during that silent moment in my theater as well. So, so bad ass.

      • Oh, yeah. There were gasps during that silent moment in my theater as well. So, so bad ass.

        • YayMayorBee

          I’ve seen it 3 times, most recently on Tuesday night. People gasp and ooh/aah every time.

  • Allen

    The Throne Room sequence and Luke’s Return on Krait are probably my two favorite moments in theaters this year.

    • FlopHairedWuss

      I’ve seen people saying that the Throne Room scene is a beat-for-beat redo of the one from RotJ and yeah it kinda is, until it completely isn’t. What movie were these people watching?

  • Vtek

    Everyone loves The Last Jedi, and whoah, I hated it!

    Characters serve the plot with few moments feeling authentic and making them likeable.

    You can draw direct analogies to scenes from previous films for almost every scene. Millenium Falcon saving the day over the salt desert rips off from both A New Hope and The Force Awakens (the “one hell of a pilot” moment), the only difference is that this time there’s a porg in the cockpit.

    Ewoks at least were camp and uncanny, porgs are just manufactured cuteness.

    Every single note of music feels directly imported from episodes 4-7.

    Too many plot developments depend on coincidences (Luke drawing his sword over sleeping Kylo, Finn & Rose meeting a codebreaker in their cell) and on the First Order being dumb (why can’t they shoot Poe to pieces in the first scene? Why they are ruled by the guy with the best Force Choke? Why can’t they just make a hyperspace jump right in front of the Resistance fleet? Why can’t _they_ sacrifice a ship to jump through the Resistance like the Resistance does later on?).

    Poe Dameron is directly responsible for killing off 90% of the Resistance and everybody loves him for that.

    The message that seems quite legit (evil capitalism) feels ham-fisted to the levels of propaganda posters (BB8 shooting the rich police with their own money). Other messages don’t seem legit, they sound just silly: screw experience and wisdom – young kids know everything that is important. Force is really for influencing people and lifting rocks. Wars are won not by killing enemy, but by saving the ones you love. No they aren’t! Wars are terrible.

    I mean, it could be worse – I can imagine how bad it would be with Luke Skywalker turning to the Dark Side, Rey being his daughter, more Snoke, magic blood nonsense, or much worse editing. But as it stands, TLJ is not enough for me to enjoy it (even though I very much liked Mark Hamill’s performance).

  • Public Mistake

    I loved the fact that porgs actually serve a purpose. Critters are part of the weird, outside, unspoken balance of the force. When the porg appeared in the “force montage” explanation by Luke, I thought it was brillant and really led to understanding that yes, they are part of a big merch machin that will generate millions of dollars, but also they’re simply living, breathing individuals that live in the thick of the force, of the Life of it all.

    Although it’s a bit messy for me right now and I’ll need a few more viewing to really reach to what Johnson was saying, beyond the “male ego is going to doom us” and “there is strength in spirituality that is not rooted in the religion that distracts us from it”

    I really believe Johnson knew what he was doing on a thematic standpoint and I love that.

  • THE LAST JEDI is fucking beautiful. One of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in a cinema.

    STAR WARS is for everyone, not the Skywalkers.

    “You’ve always been scum.”

    “REBEL scum.”

  • Lilgreenman

    The SPACE IRON moment was a work of genius. Rian played me like a fiddle – I leaned over and whispered to my friend “Space iron!” and then it ACTUALLY WAS A SPACE IRON, ironing space clothes!

    • Public Mistake

      From what I read, this was a callback to a parody from the early 80s, but I loved how it worked anyway with people’s image of some ships designs anyway. that’s what I always thought of Boba Fett’s ship. Some comic bits are gonna become classic moments.

      *tosses the lightsaber out*

      • My friend, you need to head to YouTube and look up “Hardware Wars,” the parody Johnson was calling back. It’s great.

  • Now there are people speculating about the identity of the kid in the final scene and I can’t fathom missing the point that much.

    • YayMayorBee

      That kid is Rian Johnson. Metaphorically.

      • Well… he’s Rian Johnson, but he’s also all of us.