Spoilerdome: THE PUNISHER

Frank Castle is spoiling for a fight.

The Punisher, the latest series in the kinda sorta MCU-adjacent Netflix-iverse, is now streaming and available for your binge watching pleasure. Is it any good? Our own Allen sure thinks so, but what do you think? How does Jon Bernthal measure up to Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and fellow Marvel cast member Ray Stevenson?  How does the show fit into our modern, gun violence-filled zeitgeist? For that matter, in a post-John Wick world, are there enough squibs and bloody headshots? Has Frank Castle ever killed someone with a pencil?1

Chime in in the thread below. As far as spoilers, it’s a free-fire zone.

  1. I have no idea. Probably?
  • Allen

    No joke there were several moments in this season where I straight up screamed in reaction to the violence on screen. Not the least of which was the making of Jigsaw

  • I posted about this on Twitter already, but did anyone else notice shades of Hardy’s Mad Max in Bernthal’s performance?

  • I really liked this show. I am surprised because I don’t care for the character in comic form except as a misguided problem for a hero or as a borderline villain. I thought the story was solid- sort of a Bourne meets John Wick type thing. Most of all i like that it challenges fans of the Punisher

    • What helps is the show’s choice of villains. By having Frank take on the military industrial complex, it sort of skirts the grosser “white dude vigilante” aspects.

    • dianec

      Bourne by way of John Wick and Rambo. It’s basically the modern fictional archetype of a super soldier. As smart as Bourne, as mythological as Wick, and as angry as Rambo. As deadly as all three combined.