STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer is Here!!!

"It's time for the Jedi to end"

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 and subsequently announced a series of new films, the hype was through the roof.  While apprehension was a natural response due to the, let’s say, tepid response and critical failure of the prequel trilogy, the first trailer to The Force Awakens seemingly washed that all away.

While the response to The Force Awakens was relatively positive-to-mixed amongst fans and critics alike, it did the one thing necessary that the prequels failed at: it set enough pieces, particularly from a character standpoint, in place for a new trilogy to flourish.  Be it Kylo Ren, who is one of the best characters in Star Wars history, or the new triumvirate of Rey, Finn, and Poe that manage to match the chemistry and vivre of Han, Luke, and Leia without feeling like a halfhearted clone or generic knockoffs of those characters; this new trilogy has been kicked off in a way that has left fans excited to see where director Rian Johnson will take us in The Last Jedi.

So without much further ado, let’s get to why we’re here:  the first trailer for The Last Jedi:

Holy cow that’s a great trailer.  From Rey’s introduction reminding us of that incredible first THE FORCE AWAKENS teaser, to the first space battle of the new trilogy (Starkiller base doesn’t count.), to Luke’s looming presence and final words “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”  This is trailer perfection: no real plot givaways, but loaded with iconic images and enough to wet the appetites of the legion of fans in the world.  Rian Johnson clearly GETS Star Wars.

In the panel beforehand, we were introduced to Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose, as well as hearing Rian Johnson, Daisey Ridley, John Boyega, and Mark Hamill tell us about the production of the film.  The throughline of the panel was an infectious enthusiasm towards the writing, direction, and the expected finished product that the trailer clearly reflects (as well as dodging questions about the film’s mysteries).  We were also graced with this incredible first poster, which I will be beg, borrow and stealing my way into getting onto my wall ASAP:

Rian Johnson, whose past experience includes films like Looper (one of the best Sci-Fi films of the 21st century) and Brick as well as directing two of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, “Fly” and the series’ pinnacle “Ozymandias”.  This filmography shows an artist who is willing to take risks and develop interesting mysteries whilst maintaining a personal style within a production’s defined parameters.  Johnson is one of the best young directors working in Hollywood, and I personally cannot wait to see how he manages to wow us by breaking the mold with The Last Jedi.

  • *plans to be all nice and cynical after THE FORCE AWAKENS didn’t live up to expectations*

    *THE LAST JEDI trailer comes out*

    *incoherent screaming*

    • It had me at Rian Johnson – have a feeling we’re gunna see a similar arc, goodish first film, great second film, shitty but functional third film

      • jeves23

        Yeah, frankly Rian Johnson is enough to get the hype train rolling for me. Though I am trying keep expectations at a reasonable level.

  • 1. Holy shit that trailer
    3. I’m glad it’s mostly Luke talking through this – I’d have been happy if “brreeeeaatthheee” was the only word
    4. AAAHHHH

    • YayMayorBee

      That poster is amazing. It looks straight out of the 80s.

    • Jamikel

      It riffs on the poster for the original film, but adds a layer by making Rey the midpoint between Luke/light (heh, I just made the connection after all these years that Luke means “light.”) and Ren/dark. Great simple, effective composition.

      • oooooh Luke / ligh! Nice one! Yes the composition is wonderful, it’s the simplicity and commitment to execution within those boundaries that I love. I think the poster excites me more than the trailer, which is weird?

        • Jamikel

          Yeah, the trailer is good, and I’m intrigued by what’s going on with Luke, but the poster is just fantastic.

  • Lilgreenman

    Let’s settle down. Rey’s probably just going to end up being a Reform Jedi, who isn’t so strict about keeping kosher except during Life Day.

    • I bet she’s going to go the route of Asoka and Bendu from Rebels, neither light, nor dark

      • Lilgreenman

        She’s going to renounce the Schwartz, and try to carry on the work of the now-frozen Yogurt.

  • YayMayorBee

    Great trailer. I’m so excited to see Johnson going straight to the heart of the matter–what good are the Jedi if dark side-powered genocidal crazies keep popping up? Looks like Johnson is going to try to add some shades of gray to the OT’s black-white morality. I predict many fanboys will bitch about this retroactively ruining the OT.

    • Probably.

      That’s one thing that irritated me about response to the prequels – yes they were crap, we’ve all accepted the hard truth, but FFS they didn’t do anything to our precious OT retroactively

      • YayMayorBee

        The prequels are easy to ignore. The sequels are easy to ignore. You don’t have to care about canon.

        • Jamikel

          Even if you do care about canon, there’s a good chance this movie could pull a Creed and take shitty stuff from the prequels and retroactively give it new value.

          • YayMayorBee

            Johnson is an apologist for the emotional story that Lucas was attempting in the prequels–the idea that evil comes from fear of loss. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he resurrected things from the prequel era and spun them in such a way that they no longer suck.

          • The worst part about that idea, is that Prequel apologists will come out of the wood work

          • YayMayorBee

            “It’s secretly genius! See!?” No, I don’t.

          • Because it’s not…

    • Allen

      Serious point worth considering, if Johnson does successfully introduce his shades of gray, it retroactively makes the prequels more interesting. Suddenly, they serve as a clear illustration as to why the Jedi and their methods can’t go on. If your teachings are completely incompatible with anyone who you don’t separate from their parents and indoctrinate and quash all emotion from before they are even five years old, then your methods don’t work. Vader and Ren stand as a testament to the failures of the jedi to cope with and help those for whom these dogmatic methods present a struggle. They don’t know how to instruct and shape whole people.

  • Jamikel

    :Sees Force Awakens:

    “Okay, I’m done with Star Wars.”

    :Sees Rogue One Trailer:

    “Okay, I’m just done with the main saga.”

    :Sees Last Jedi trailer:

    “Goddamnit. I’m going to see this opening day.”

    • Yep. God damn you, Star Wars. I just can’t fucking quit you

    • dianec

      Surrender to the dark side. There are rewards beyond imagine. Mostly the opportunity to talk ad nauseum about Star Wars.

  • The Canadian George Wendt

    This is the part where I have to mention that THE BROTHERS BLOOM is at least as good as everything else Rian’s done, and it crushes me that we don’t talk about it much.

    • YayMayorBee

      It’s my favorite of Johnson’s films. I think it’s less cohesive or “put together” than BRICK and LOOPER, but it’s weirder and more fun than either.

      • I think Brick is my most favorite. Then Looper. Then Brothers Bloom. But ranking your favorite with those three is really just 1a, 1b, and 1c.

      • The Canadian George Wendt

        I rarely like Adrian Brody in anything, but he’s wonderful in it! Plus, Ruffalo! Rachel Weisz! Ricky Jay narrating in rhyming couplets!

        • YayMayorBee

          Rinko Kikuchi too.

  • There seems to be a nice tangibility to the shots shown. I like it.

    • YayMayorBee

      It’s a nice shift from FORCE, which was sometimes a touch too glossy.

  • I think they gave away a HUGE plot point in that teaser

    • Lilgreenman

      I think I know the one you mean, but I also think there’s something we’ve already seen that’s going to be tied to it in a lot of ways, and that RJ’s going to present them side-by-side.

      • YayMayorBee

        What are we thinking here?

      • Your answer is too opaque for me to figure out what you’re saying, so to clarify, I’m referring to Bendu

        • I don’t think they’re necessarily hiding it.

          • YayMayorBee

            It’s in the title!

          • It’s in the title enough that people started guessing that’s what it meant, anyway.

          • YayMayorBee

            Between the title and dialogue like “it’s bigger than that” and “the Jedi need to end” seems pretty conclusive–they’re going for a Bendu-like middle road.

          • Except most people probably don’t watch Rebels, and this would be the first time something from the outlying media would have such a huge impact on the main story

          • I feel like it’s going to be reintroduced here, in a way that will make sense to folks who don’t watch REBELS, but will also be a “Oh! I recognize that!” for the folks who do.

          • It’ll have to be, if it’s going to work. I wonder if they’ll directly mention Bendu and Ahsoka

          • I feel the Bendu stuff was in REBELS because they knew it was going to be in THE LAST JEDI and planted the seeds there directly.

          • Agreed. Definitely. It’s just surprising to see them place the genesis of such an important idea SOLELY in a cartoon

          • I do like having a reason to watch Rebels, so there’s that

          • I generally like Rebels. It’s no Avatar or Young Justice, but it’s all right. The final battle between Maul and Kenobi was pretty good

          • No, I meant the whole Bendu thing feels like a big hint.

        • Lilgreenman

          Oh, I was thinking of Planet Ireland getting burned by the First Order, the same way Luke’s Jedi School was burned to the ground by the departing Kylo Ren. “It’s like poetry…”

          • So poetic.

            Yeah, that’s probably right. Why else would Luke leave?

  • ryanrochnroll

    It’s… fine.
    I’ll be honest, Rian Johnson is the draw here. Star Wars films have to do a hell of a lot of heavy lifting to get me interested.

    Right now my knowledge of the director is doing that lifting. My knowledge of Colin Trevorrow’s eventual arrival also dampens things quite a lot.

    PS, so Finn is still sleep, huh?

    • Yeah, my reaction to this was weirdly muted.

      The excitement of NEW STAR WARS has worn off by this point, and now my interest is solely rooted in the further adventures of these characters and this world and, frankly, there’s not much there for me. I still hope it’s great.

      Johnson has always delivered the goods though, but yeah Trevorrow in the wings is a huge bummer.

      • ryanrochnroll

        Yeah, if anyone can wring some drama or import out of these characters, it’s Johnson, but it still feels like someone’s giving me ice cream so I won’t complain about the tetanus shot later.

      • Right? This film is just Icarus at best. The fall is going to happen, no matter what.

    • Andrew Clark

      He’s like the Gendry of the Star Wars-verse, just eternally rowing his way to King’s Landing.

  • VyceVictus

    Am I crazy or is that, like, a kinda huge new piece of the mythology?

    • It’s the Journal of the Whills.

    • Something

      If I’m guessing right, they’re the Journals of the Whills.

      This is HUGE in the SW world.

      • VyceVictus

        I could just google that, but it sounds like you have a familiar understanding about why that’s important I’d love to hear.

        • Something

          In Lucas’ original draft, they were an important piece of JEDI lire that required constant protection. There was a brief reference to the Whills in ROGUE ONE (they’re what Donnie Yen was protecting before he became a street preacher dude) but I thought that was just a wink to fans.

          Nope, they’re becoming part of the canon now.

          • I’m kind of hoping they don’t become the center, as it’s a little late in the game to suddenly them “so important”

          • Allen

            Apparently the novelization of The Force Awakens quotes the Journal of the Whills

        • Butts Carlton

          It’s basically the bible of the Jedi. It tells tales of their exploits and provides guidance to the Jedi.

          The original title of STAR WARS was “Adventures of Luke Starkiller, as taken from the Journal of the Whills, Saga I: The Star Wars”

          • Allen

            So kind of like how in canon the LOTR books are basically the Bible of Middle Earth?

      • Andrew Clark

        I have a ton of extraneous Expanded Universe knowledge and I’ve never heard of the thing!

      • dianec

        We see the destruction at Jeddah so it makes sense that they might be the journals from the guardians of the temple. What if they’re Baze and Chirrut’s.

      • weren’t the journal holo-whatevers originally?

    • Lilgreenman

      I think it’s going to be something closer to Luke as Buzz Aldrin in MASS EFFECT 3.

  • Andrew Clark

    Johnson has the incredible task of actually giving life to the (purposefully, though unfortunately) broad strokes that JJ and company established with THE FORCE AWAKENS. I’m cooler on this than many of us, probably because I still don’t really care about Rey, Finn, or Poe (what’s to care about? The actors I like, the characters, not so much) but Rian Johnson is one of the best directors working today. If anyone can pull it off and make me care, it’s this guy.

    And it would be nice to have another good 21st century Star Wars movie other than ROGUE ONE!

    • ryanrochnroll

      Yeah, for sure.
      This universe is so anemic and narrow from a story and character perspective right now. I could really use some solid stuff to grab onto and live in. I miss being excited about the possibilities of the SW Universe. I only see these out of obligation now.

      • It’s just so broad. “Stuff happens! People show up! Running! Boom!”

        • Andrew Clark

          I think all the characters other than Poe (who doesn’t even really do anything in TFA!) spend so much time screaming, muttering exposition, or looking in slack-jawed wonder at something from STAR WARS that they never felt real to me.

          • Agreed. The way they didn’t kill Poe, but didn’t give him a reason to stay is one of the hackiest things I have ever seen.

            Otherwise, yeah, it was generally very reminiscent of the worst Doctor Who episode. Lots of running, some explosions, a big booming speech, then credits

    • I’m with you. My problems weren’t with any of the Star Wars stuff in Force Awakens, but with the shitty, half-assed, unearned, and ridiculously bombastic way they told the story, but as a result, the Star wars stuff didn’t make much of an impression on me, despite its potential… but Johnson could do something here. He could make something interesting. Plus, he could create an actual story out of all of J.J.’s sound and fury

      • That’s what I think is happening.

        He’s framing THE FORCE AWAKENS’ return to familiar territory as the reason why STAR WARS (and us with it) needs to move on.

        • Who? J.J. was? Or Johnson is?

          • Johnson.

          • Gotcha. Yeah, I think/hope so. Mine it, and then shed that skin and become something new.

            Most of all, I just want this movie to have a story that has a point

        • Andrew Clark

          This could be really interesting and I hope that is what’s at play here!

        • The prequels convinced me that in many ways the jedi are the least interesting part of the franchise that the franchise thinks is the most interesting. I liked the force as a source of mystery in the OT, but it was a ride-along with the rebel / imperial battle, which was always the best thing. Rogue 1 just reinforced this for me. So: Yes, I think Star Wars needs to move on.

    • I really liked the casting and characters quite a bit, but the lameness of the story got in the way of relating to them for me. I still really look forward to spending more time with them, and I definitely feel like Rian Johnson has a sort of ideal starting place as far as these things go – they’re established, no intros needed, we have good first impressions of them, so now lets really get to know them.

      • Andrew Clark

        That’s what worked so well in the OT. When we met these characters, we knew who they were, instantly. I really couldn’t tell you a whole lot about Rey, Finn, or Poe, or what makes them unique or interesting.

        Leia is shooting fools in the face in her first ten seconds. Luke is a wistful dreamer. Han is an arrogant cad. It’s incredible how quickly and tidily we learn everything we need to know about those three in a matter of moments.

        That’s what I want for the new three, and I never really got that. I hope Johnson can change my mind.

  • This trailer doesn’t blow me away, but it’s Rian Johnson so I’m pumped as hell.

  • Allen

    (watches trailer with the intent of providing insightful analysis): STAR WARS! STAR WARS! HEY GUYS, IT’S STAR WARS!

  • Jason Zolina

    Poe Dameron can really run.