Wreath Some Havoc

  • Jason Lasica

    Loved listening to this. I’ve never seen POLAR EXPRESS, and I’m not sure I still should, but this was a good reminder to get my MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL rewatch in before I leave to visit family in a couple days.

    • I, obviously, do not recommend the Polar Express movie, but the book is awesome.

      • Jason Lasica

        I think I’ll get to reading both starting today as I’ve not done either.

  • Andrew Clark

    I’ve always found the MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL to be incredibly valuable as an adaptation because even when it has little moments of stepping outside the story for Muppet shenanigans, it never, ever sacrifices or undermines the tone of the moment for a laugh or to take away from the feeling. It’s actually one of the most faithful adaptations of the work out there.