Well, we’ve reached the end of August and that means the Summer of blockbusters is officially over.  With awards season and the new trend of fall/winter blockbusters on the horizon, Allen, Ryan, Shannon and myself chatted about the best (obviously The Book of Henry) and worst this summer had to offer.  Plus, our first foray into listener questions!  Huzzah!

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  • Andrew Clark


  • Jamikel

    Trashing Ridley Scott, trashing Mark Rylance, trashing Tom Hardy.

    Allen, you make no sense.

    • Jamikel

      PS: Our closest neighbor planet is Venus, not Mars.

      • I KNEW someone would call me on that.

        • Jamikel

          If it makes you feel better, I only knew it because I missed that very question at bar trivia a few weeks ago.

    • Butts Carlton

      Gonna put this on a soundboard for whenever Allen starts talking about Ridley Scott in the future

    • Allen

      I didn’t trash Rylance, I simply pointed out that this wasn’t a particularly good performance by him. And he did steal Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar.

      • Jamikel

        I was rooting for Sly too, but Rylance earned that Oscar.