We’ve got an announcement to make!

We interrupt this broadcast of The Bus Stops Here to announce a brand new show!  My Favorite Movie is a new recurring series where Allen and I will be joined by a guests to discuss the movies that they love.  No bickering about historical importance or cultural legacy and relevance, merely an appreciation of the wild variability of cinema and why different strokes connect with different folks. We started off this week discussing what Allen describes as “the best action film of the 21st Century” — Casino Royale.


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  • The DC & Marvel fan

    I’m always confused when people say that X Bond movie doesn’t feel like Bond, because even though there’s a specific formula and a number of traits we associate with the character, the franchise has always taken elements from other movies and made them its own. Goldeneye has many action beats reminiscent of Die Hard, Licence to Kill takes inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vehicles, the third act of The Living Daylights is very Indiana Jones-ish, etc.