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DARK STAR: The Chest From Which ALIEN Burst

Whatever PROMETHEUS told you, the Xenomorph's real origins were in a student film by (yes, really) John Carpenter.

Dark Star is the movie every kid in film school hopes to make. It was made for a term project between 1970 and 1973: Cheap yet ambitious, offbeat yet identifiable, and…not really much good at all when judged as a professional wide-release movie, but no one really does that because of the magnitude of the


Just like so much modern technology, the update only makes things worse.

Warning: This review contains discussion of spoilers  – not spoilers themselves – for The Circle. Which is to say, not “Darth Vader is Luke’s father”, but “Empire Strikes Back ends with a shocking revelation about Darth Vader’s origins.” Read at your own risk. Just by existing, James Ponsoldt’s The Circle already has me in its corner.

LIFE Review: The Banal Frontier

It’s a perfectly competent slasher-in-space, but should that be enough?

I have to say this up at the top: I can’t and won’t abide by referring to this sci-fi horror movie by its title. There’s just too large a space for puns and double meanings that would get old even if I was doing my best to avoid them. Whenever it comes up, instead of