The First MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS Trailer Pulls Into The Station

Don't worry, the title is the only train pun in the article.

As the resident superfan of actor/director Kenneth Branagh here at Lewton Bus, I was already hyped for his adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express before any promotional material hit. Branagh directing a murder mystery with an all-star cast featuring Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, and Leslie Odom, Jr.? Sign me up!

Now that we have a trailer, I’m still pretty hyped.

There’s quite a bit in the trailer that doesn’t work: the Imagine Dragons song doesn’t fit at all with the tone of the trailer beforehand, and I can already picture audiences bursting out into laughter at the dramatic reveal of Branagh’s ridiculous/amazing mustache. However, the movie being sold here is exactly up my alley. The cast looks great, the production design looks incredible, a classic “whodunit?” marketing campaign was set up that should generate some audience interest if played right. And the shot going through the train car setting up the roles of each character would have sold me on the movie even if I hadn’t been sold already, that’s just good filmmaking.

Murder on the Orient Express hits theaters on November 10th.

  • VyceVictus

    The majority of this movie should totally be in first person with the significant clues that Poirot observes popping up with graphic labels like seen in this trailer or a bright outline like a video game.

    Hardcore Henry for English lit nerds, basically.

  • Jamikel

    Wow, Johnny Depp isn’t playing the goofiest-looking character in the movie. I figured that would be on his list of demands before agreeing to make a movie.

    • Something

      Instead, he just looks like a slightly more evil Mortdecai.

  • jeves23

    This was a weird-ass trailer. I’m guessing/hoping the film itself will be a more classic in execution (and that we will eventually see a trailer that reflects it better), but who knows – The Book of Henry comes out soon, and in a world where that movie exists anything seems possible.

  • I confess I haven’t read the book, but this trailer is really doing it for me. I love the Poirot-vision. The mustache reveal doesn’t play as ridiculous to me, but then again I’ve always been a fan of badass facial hair. The song? Well, I wouldn’t know Imagine Dragons from a hole in the ground so I don’t have much baggage associated with them. It plays fine for me.

  • Public Mistake

    I’m a little disgruntled by the accent, which is a bummer because I love some of Brannagh’s films and peculiarities.

    I just hope that movie isn’t on par with his remake of Sleuth.