The RAMPAGE Trailer Has This Shot In It, So It Will Probably Be The Greatest Movie Of All Time

The Rock is back again, and this time he's brought some kaiju with him.

When we learned a while ago that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was re-teaming with San Andreas director Brad Peyton for a film adaptation of the popular arcade game Rampage, we all decided that we’d see it just because it had The Rock in it and moved on with our day. But today, the trailer was released, and with it came the realization that this is probably going to be the greatest movie of all time.

Here’s the trailer, give it a whirl:

If your first response to this trailer was anything like mine (which included crying when George the Adorable Albino Gorilla was sad and then screaming and annoying your roommate with that crocodile shot at the end,) then we should be friends because this film really appeals to me. Yeah, there’s a likelihood that the film will suck (San Andreas was a bad time), but for now, I’m in. And please just let me be in. Everything is bad now. Let me be happy.

Rampage also stars Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Joe Manganiello.

How did y’all feel about it? I’m expecting to be the only one who feels more than just “huh, could be fun” about it.

  • Since the movie seems to have abandoned the conceit that the monsters are mutated people, I guess we won’t get to see little naked dudes shuffling off screen in embarrassment when they’re defeated.

    That’s a shame.

  • idk San Andreas sort of spoke to me. Not sure what it said tho

    • jeves23

      I actually really liked SAN ANDREAS as a big stupid bit of cheese – I laughed my ass off during much of it (perhaps not the desired reaction, but whatever), and while I likely will never watch it again, I found it enjoyable.

  • Public Mistake

    I want to be told that George is gonna be okay.
    If I am to be invested in an adorable 20 feet tall Gorilla, I can’t afford to having him die during the flick.
    The shot BEE MCGEE pointed out of George being sad and scared got me waaay too invested waaay too fast.

  • The DC & Marvel fan

    Looks decent enough, but I get the impression that Joe Manganiello is going to be squandered.

    • This, like many other problems, could be solved by just watching Magic Mike XXL directly afterwards.

  • Courgette

    Some iffy dialogue and effects work aside, I’m in. This looks like an insane good time.

  • VyceVictus

    It looks crazy enough to work, but the way they used “Bullet with Butterfly wings” chopped together with that typical movie trailer percussion blasts was an abomination.