The SOLO Trailer is Here. It’s Fine. We’re Fine.

Let’s just get it out of the way — here is the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story:

This actually looks pretty great.  It feels like an Ocean’s Eleven type heist film but where the central character is one of the lower level members of the team1, which seems like the most interesting choice to make.  As much as we all didn’t really want or need a Han Solo prequel, it looks like Ron Howard has at least made something fun and adventurous.  For all the rumors surrounding his performance, Alden Ehrenreich looks and feels both familiar and unique in the role Harrison Ford made famous, and unlike Sunday’s teaser, this trailer is heavily focused on his performance.  This isn’t a like-for-like caricature, but there’s a similar cocksure-yet-anxious nature to Ehrenreich’s Solo as there always was to Ford’s.  I’m excited to see more as Ehrenreich somehow stole the show of 2015’s Hail, Caesar! despite that film’s stacked cast.

But lets get down to brass tacks — the real draw is Donald Glover as Lando, smoothest gambler in the galaxy.  I know it’s petty, but I still can’t forgive the Star Wars sequel trilogy for not bringing back the best character in the galaxy, so Solo tapping one of the 21st Century’s greatest artists to play the role immediately has me down for whatever Howard and Co. have in store.  We merely get a few glances, but the few images we do get are selling me all I need to know (see the header image above).  This might be Han’s story, but we’re all here for the Lando Show.

So lets discuss in the section below:  Love it? Hate it? Want to see more Lando?

  1. I’m personally hoping Han and Chewbacca end up as the Malloy Twins of this gang.
  • Into it! If you need to make a Han Solo movie (you don’t, but let’s humor them), the movie they’re selling here looks like the right way to do it. A space caper that happens to star everyone’s favorite scoundrel.

    Ehrenreich’s take on the character looks recognizable but also distinct enough to be its own thing and Glover as Lando is joyous in every frame we’ve seen thus far. I love the pristine, pre-junked Falcon. If this movie manages to not get too bogged down in prequel beats and fan service, I imagine it’ll be a fun time.

    And I LOVE the Dominic Toretto/TOP GUN shit Han pulls on the TIE Fighter. That’s just perfect.

    • James

      It’s definitely an unnecessary movie, but as a last shot for Lucas – who’s idea it was – and Kasdan, I’m more than happy to indulge them.

  • MK

    I’ve ragged on this movie a good bit but, for this trailer at least, I’ll eat crow.

    I thought Alden was great and the rest of the cast looks good as well ESPECIALLY Donald Glover. The visuals and various worlds all look stunning as they have been in every Star War movie since The Force Awakens. The tone and story also seem much more uniquely adventurous and grounded than any other Star Wars movie.

    And that guitar in the beginning is just

    Overall, if you didn’t crack even one smile during this IDK what’s wrong with you. Still very wary about this movie, but cautious optimism is better than no optimism.

  • Jason Lasica

    For real though, the one thing I want these new Star Wars movies to do is tell us what happened to Lando. Even a throwaway line somewhere.

    I’m not super sold on it, but that largely has to do with all the behind the scenes stuff that went on. Trying to keep my expectations in check but it does look like it might work. Even though I was Team Ingruber before the casting of Ehrenreich, I’m pleased as punch he’s doing his own thing here, even though it will inevitably get compared to Ford.

    That said, I just saw a bunch of angry THE LAST JEDI bros being garbage golems about it, and I’m honestly and absolutely rooting for it just to make them angry and I will never not be here to go against bad fans.

  • James

    I’m into it. Street racing, thievery, space hijinks, weird alien jazz clubs or whatever – they all seem like things young Han would get tangled up in. Donald Glover is perfect as Lando, and Ehrenreich struck me as striking the balance between expressing Han’s personality while avoiding simply a rote Harrison Ford impression. And I love that Han has an old-fashioned gunslinger’s duel with some crazy looking dude.

    My only complaint right now is that it needs more color, along the line of the character posters that came out today.

  • YayMayorBee

    I don’t hate this, but everything about it feels off to me. The cinematography, though beautiful, doesn’t feel like it matches the story they seem to be telling. Ehrenreich’s not wowing me. The inevitable frig’ing of Emilia Clarke is annoying. I just don’t know. It’s disappointing that there’s no hint here about what made the concept interesting enough to go forward. Say what you will about ROGUE ONE, but the basic concept of that film and what made it unique from the main Star Wars episodes was always very clear.

  • Public Mistake

    I’m sadly still not convinced Emilia Clarke can inject charisma in the material she’s presented.
    She’s probably angry she doesn’t get other meatier roles either, I dunno.

    Otherwise this looks and feels great, but I guess that’s at least one thing this new Star Wars generation get consistenly right

    • Andrew Clark

      Honestly at this point I’m willing to call a spade a spade: she’s just not a very good actress with a wide range.

      • Michael

        A lot of these super beautiful, big eyed, thin Hollywood actresses get terrible roles and awful direction. Olivia Wilde opened my eyes to this. She’s not very good in almost anything except in Meadowland in which she is great because it’s a real fucking role with actual direction.

        I guess I’d ask what Emilia Clarke roles you’ve seen that you felt were well written and simply lacked her own acting ability.

  • Butts Carlton
  • This feels deeply engineered to me. Which it is. And that’s not a bad thing by default. A selective pile of recreations of iconic stuff, all well rendered, and seemingly good humored – hard to read what we’re getting here. The costumes are dope.

  • jeves23

    I like it! It’s not looking like some amazing and essential addition to the Star Wars Film Canon, but it looks like a fun time.
    I’m not totally sold on Ehrenreich as Solo, and I think that is the major hump that the film has to overcome with any audience that has familiarity with the character (so, basically everyone but China). At this point my prediction is that he will do well enough, but that the supporting cast will be the big heroes of the film, getting us past all the rough spots.