It’s BLACK PANTHER Week, People! Hail to the king!

We're just going to pretend that our CAT PEOPLE podcast episode was tied into this somehow.

There is so much to be excited about in regards to the new Black Panther movie. First, it is to my knowledge the first Hollywood blockbuster to have a majority black cast and crew. That’s awesome. Well, it’s awesome that’s happening, but not so awesome that we had to wait until 2018 for that. Second, it is to my knowledge the first mainstream Afrofuturist film, which is a genre I find incredibly fascinating. Third, and please don’t think I’m ranking these elements, it’s a new film from the incredibly-talented-at-an-infuriatingly-young-age Ryan Coogler. This jerk made Fruitvale Station when he was in his twenties. That’s just not right. I’d bear him ill will for Orson Welles-ing so hard, if it weren’t for the fact that the guy is from the city I live in, Oakland, California. He’s a local guy made good, and I absolutely love it.

In that spirit, the Lewton Bus crew is dedicating this week to Black Panther and other movies about heroes (super or otherwise) of color. So, even if you’re not into the superhero genre, go see Black PantherIt’s gonna set the box office on fire no doubt, but it deserves your support anyway. Merits of the movie itself aside, it’s important. Then come here and talk T’Challa with us.