It’s Soderbergh Week!

This week will see the release of Logan Lucky, the first film in four years1  by director Steven Soderbergh.  From his early days as a Sundance darling to becoming one of the most sought after directors in the early 2000’s, Soderbergh’s career is as diverse as it is unique. Whether it be big budget spectacle featuring every attractive leading man who ever lived or multiple small, intimate portraits of monologist Spalding Gray, he’s a testament to never-ending creativity and one of the true masters of the film medium.

So, in honor of one of the greats returning to the game, we at Lewton Bus will be honoring Soderbergh with a week dedicated to his brilliance and ingenuity.

Welcome to Soderbergh Week.

  1. Yes, I know he hasn’t really stopped working you pedants.  Dont @ me