To Pixar Week and Beyond!

This week, the Lewton Bus crew is celebrating the legendary animation studio

Hey, guys! In anticipation of the release of Cars 3, the latest installment in Pixar’s hit dystopian science fiction franchise, the Lewton Bus crew is spending the week celebrating Pixar! It sometimes feels weird to me to sing the praises of a film studio, as opposed to an individual filmmaker, but Pixar isn’t just any film studio. Their Toy Story changed the movie industry forever, they’ve consistently innovated on a technological level, and they somehow keep pumping out really good stuff. Multiple classics over three decades, even! It’s kind of miraculous.

So, before you go to the theater and return to Cars‘ horrifying depiction of a post-human mechanized society, join us in talking about Pixar and what their movies mean to us. We’ll be capping the week off with a review of the new film as well as a special podcast episode. Enjoy!