Welcome To FLEET WEEK!

VyceVictus is back to present our second year of Naval cinema celebration

Welcome one and all once again to our celebration of Fleet Week here at Lewton Bus. For those not aware, Fleet Week is a celebration of our armed forces service members and Naval tradition in particular leading up to Memorial Day. Fleet week itself has been around for decades in various forms and taken place in a multitude of port cities throughout the nation. In my home of New York City, we will be marking our 30th official anniversary of the celebration with a customary sea parade of US Navy ships whose sailors and marines will set ashore for all manner of festivities.

For Lewton Bus, this will be the second year of celebrating the great tradition of naval warfare in cinema. My original goal was to focus on media that specifically deal with the strategy, tactics, and ethics of combat by ship-borne warfighters at sea and beyond. For this year and potentially into the future, we’ll expand that template into other works of fiction and genres that go beyond simple war movies. And with luck, I may have a little help from my fellow writers.

Make sure you keep LewtonBus.net saved in your favorites and bookmarks, for we’ll have a week full of great articles for you. And be sure to share the Fleet Week tag with not only your fellow film aficionados, but to any family members, friends, or fellow military service members past and present who would appreciate our celebration. Peace!