Welcome to FLEET WEEK!

Lewton Bus' annual tradition of celebrating Naval strategy in cinema continues

Welcome one and all once again to our Fleet Week series here at Lewton Bus. For those not aware, Fleet Week is a celebration of our armed forces service members and Naval tradition in particular leading up to Memorial Day. Fleet Week has been around for decades, taking place in various forms and locations all across America. One of the biggest celebrations of all takes place in my home of New York City, with a multitude of special events occurring all over town.

New York is home to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, a spectacular exhibit built from the decommissioned remnants of a legendary aircraft carrier that saw service in World War II and through Vietnam. It exists today as a living monument and an indelible part of the New York experience. Last year, I finally worked up the will to attend the Memorial Day ceremony that takes place alongside the mighty vessel, and it was a humbling experience, to say the least.

As I’ve mentioned before within my annual Veterans Day war film retrospective, writing about movies is more than just a scholastic exercise. The process helps me to work through the issues born from my time in the military. For Fleet Week, however, our Lewton Bus celebration also provides a chance to have some fun with some of our favorite nautical cinematic adventures. At the same time, the series allows for a broader interpretation of Naval warfare as it applies to different genres, in the hopes of expanding our understanding of each other through fiction. Space Marines and Star Fleet officers can have just as much to teach us as history lessons of naval antiquity, if we open our minds and hearts to what they have to say.

Our goal for Fleet Week will be to bring you a new piece every day leading up to Memorial Day, so make sure to check back often for articles from myself and my Lewton Bus editorial comrades. Also, be sure to share the Fleet Week tag with not only your fellow film aficionados, but to any family members, friends, or fellow military service members past and present who would appreciate our celebration. Peace!