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Review: FERAL

Traversing The Depths of Sorrow

FERAL is a captivating tale of the downtrodden that eschews that traditional landmarks of its New York and explores the lives of the city’s homeless.


A Thunderous Exclamation of Afro-Colombian Culture

WE ARE THE HEAT is a grand new addition to the pantheon of black-led gangster movies, the evolution of dancing on film, and a badge of honor for the Afro-Latin people of Colombia that they should be proud to showcase to the world.

An Interview With the Ladies of SKATE KITCHEN

VyceVictus has a conversation with the awesome skateboard collective about their upcoming feature film

This summer is already chock full of quality releases big and small. One of the features being released this weekend that caught my attention way back in January during the Sundance Film Festival is the skate-punk coming of age tale Skate Kitchen. The film is the first narrative feature from acclaimed director Crystal Moselle, who

Fleet Week: G.I. JANE

A furious feminist war film that remains relevant to our times

The Navy SEALs are one of the fiercest combat forces in the history of warfare. There has been no shortage of movies glorifying their daring deeds as well as the nightmarish selection processes through which they select the best of the best. For today’s Fleet Week installment, I’ll be taking a look at Ridley Scott’s

Welcome To FLEET WEEK!

VyceVictus is back to present our second year of Naval cinema celebration

Welcome one and all once again to our celebration of Fleet Week here at Lewton Bus. For those not aware, Fleet Week is a celebration of our armed forces service members and Naval tradition in particular leading up to Memorial Day. Fleet week itself has been around for decades in various forms and taken place

There Was an Idea… Captain America & The War Within

For one veteran, looking back at CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR means looking into dark reflections of self

Editor’s note: This article is presented as part of the limited article series There Was An Idea…, where every week, the Lewton Bus crew dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the run-up to Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Thus far, the MCU saga has been a mostly passable experience for me, with a few notable highs and one or

BLADE: The Bleeding Edge of Cinema

Vyce Looks back at this classic with new eyes

It is difficult to quantify just how important Blade is, not just for comic book movies, but film in general. Even now there is still refusal to recognize its impact and its place in history. Some dismiss it via technicality as “not really a comic book movie”, while others fail to see the deeper thematic


Midi-Z's THE ROAD TO MANDALAY tackles human trafficking in Southeast Asia head on without resorting to exploitation

It would be very easy to spin a manipulatively tragic tale about the horrors of human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Prostitution, inhumane working conditions, predatory traffickers, and corrupt government officials are among the immediate obstacles impoverished people in the region face on the quest for a better life. The gravity of the topic indeed warrants

Fleet Week: 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE

Blood Ocean

We’ve talked about historically accurate nautical epics and sci-fi philosophical pontificating thus far for Fleet Week, so now lets have a bit of silly fun. The film 300 took the world by storm upon its release in 2007, breaking box office records and leaving its impression on pop culture at large and military communities in