Things We’re Digging This Week – Week of 6/26/17

Zombies! Fallout! McElroy! Portishead??

Each week the Lewton Bus gang will get together and write up a brief account of something we’re digging hard on this week. It can be a movie, TV, music, or anything, really! Tell us what you’re digging in the comments.

Bee McGee The Adventure Zone

Finally, after months of prodding and just when the show is about to end it’s original campaign, I have started listening to what many consider to be the McElroy Brother’s magnum opus: The Adventure Zone. As of this writing, I’m eight episodes in and fully in love with Magnus, Merle, and Taako. According to those on the site who’ve already listened (aka Adam Bumas), the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to get there.

Shannon Hubbel Fallout 4

This is not my first jaunt into The Commonwealth. I bought Fallout 4 when it was first released (a rare thing for me), and spent way, way too many hours scrounging and blasting my way through post-apocalyptic Boston. I grew weary, eventually. This game is big and to be honest the storytelling leaves a lot to be desired. But the setting, my God, the setting! If Bethesda is good at anything it’s crafting fascinating worlds to explore, and Fallout 4 is one heck of an example of that. My new character has found places I had no idea existed.

My next stop? Well, I’m a bit parched. I think I’ll swing by Cheers.

Jared Eves Portishead’s Third

Yes, I know this album is 9 years old, but I only just discovered it this week after ignoring it all this time because it was “bad”. Well, let me tell you something friends, it is anything but bad. It might, in fact, be brilliant. But I can see why some people dismissed it as fans of Portishead’s previous output – it’s not the instantly iconic Dummy. It has a lot of the same ingredients, but adds in Jefferson Airplane infused psychedelica (don’t tell me that’s not a word!) and mixes it all into something more obtuse, more difficult to get a bead on, but no less enjoyable or interesting to listen to.

Allen StricklandAgents of SHIELD

This week I’m digging season 4 of Agents of SHIELD. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “isn’t that the really lame Marvel show on ABC?” and while yes, if you were referring to season 1 or season 3 you would be right, season 4 is the first time in the show’s history that you don’t have to be an MCU completionist to enjoy it.

Season 4 represents the show fully committing to the weird with three major story arcs built around a stunningly rendered Ghost Rider, killer androids, and a whole lot of other crazy stuff that I don’t want to spoil. Rest assured this is the season where the show finally got it right and it has me, for the first time, looking forward to the next season.

Andrew Clark 7 Days To Die

Do you like Minecraft? Do you like killing zombies? Do you like games where every minute is precious and you have to face crisis after crisis on the road to survival?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then 7 Days To Die is for you. The game centers around the player existing in a wasteland left over after a zombie apocalypse. They have to struggle with survival while discovering ways to increase their abilities, find food and water, build a base, and survive.Oh, and every seven days a massive and angry horde of zombies descends on your location. Better build one hell of a wall (or luck upon some explosive barrels, like I did).

This completely addicting game has taken up any of the little free time I’ve had this week, and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it, even while it riles me up from a zombie ambush causing me to have to tear hell across the map to retrieve my gear from my corpse.

I just finished my first Night 7 and it was nerve-wracking as all hell. But it was also incredibly satisfying seeing my base defenses (okay, full disclosure, I spawned next to a walled-in radio tower compound that came premade with a beautiful strong gate and walls) work and keep the undead out, even as my arrow reserves depleted to zero…I ended up having just enough.

Now I just have to dig through their corpses for loot, keep exploring for more goods, and plan for the next one…

This is an okay game to play alone but I can only imagine how much fun it is to play with a group of friends (or I don’t really have to imagine, check out and enjoy the Achievement Hunters playing together in the video up above). Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in jumping onboard a game with me!

Looks like we’re a game-based bunch this week around, folks. And Agents of SHIELD, bizarrely enough. Plus some psychedelic music to set the mood.

Don’t forget to let us know what you’re digging, and be on the lookout next week for our special SPIDER-MAN WEEK, including special SPIDER-DIGS! And the week after, the Lewton Bus gang will talk about what movies we’ve been really digging this first half of the year.