The DEADPOOL Sequel Gets A Trailer Before It Gets A Title

A great marketing campaign continues

As is to be expected from a Deadpool film, the marketing team for The Untitled Deadpool Sequel1 has been killing it from stage one. Following the recent Flashdance-aping one-sheet comes the film’s latest trailer, which is the first one to show off loads of actual footage from the film, as well as the obligatory meta bits, of course.

It looks fun! Ryan Reynold’s commitment to the bit appears to remain unwavering and Josh Brolin’s grim and gruff Cable seems to be an ideal foil for the character. The humour is hit and miss. Moustache removal jokes? Hilarious! Toy!Deadpool defeating Toy!Cable by sitting on his face? Not so much! But the same was true of the first film, so this does not concern me that much. It also looks like the action scenes have gotten a real upgrade from last time around, which makes sense given that John Wick’s David Leitch is at the helm this time.

Sequels to recent R-rated hits have been a mixed bag (in one corner, the amazing John Wick: Chapter 2. In the other, the also-kind-of-amazing-but-not-for-the-right-reasons Kingsman: The Golden Circle), but I’m feeling pretty confident Fox has got another winner in their hands with this one. The only really bum note in this trailer for me is T.J. Miller’s inclusion,2 I’m buying everything else they are selling. We’ll be able to see on what side of the scale The Untitled Deadpool Sequel falls May 18th.

  1. Or whatever they end up calling it. I myself am kinda hoping this one sticks.
  2. I know it’s probably unrealistic to demand that every single recent Milkshake Duck gets All The Money In The World-ed out of upcoming releases, but I do wish they’d done that in this case.