Does it Look Like It’s Our First Time? Revisiting James Bond

An Exciting New Article Series

I’m excited today to announce a brand new article series here on Lewton Bus.

We love James Bond here at Lewton Bus. It’s a fantastic, if wildly uneven film franchise that has a little bit of everything in it. At twenty-four films in length however, it can seem like quite an undertaking to watch them all for the first time. We want to help with that. Starting next week, CJ Robinson and myself are going to take on the task of reviewing one Bond film a week for the next twenty-four weeks. We’ll be writing a joint review allowing each of us to put down our overall thoughts on each individual film and at the end we will both put out a ranking. The goal is to create the most comprehensive guide to the entirety of the Bond franchise that you have ever read. We invite you to join us on this viewing journey.

So prime your ejector seats and strap on your jet packs folk, because we are about to take the deepest of dives into a storied franchise. It’s going to be a ton of fun and we’re raring to go.