Miracle: Sam Raimi To Direct DOCTOR STRANGE 2

Magic is Real

maguire face

Scott Derrickson is out, and beloved horror meastro, goofy midwesterner, and icon of film Sam Raimi is in for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness1. So sayeth Variety.


But Variety are hacks. I gotta give this scoop to our own Mavis McGee, who is apparently also magic:

That’s right. Sam Raimi, director of probably the best superhero film ever made in Spider-Man 2, has reached an agreement with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios to take on 2021’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

What the hell do you say to news like this? Outside of the fact he did that Spider-Man movie above, Raimi also directed The Evil Dead trilogy, and Drag Me To Hell. Y’all: Drag Me To Hell is better than any movie you watched last year and it isn’t even like Raimi’s fourth best movie. Can you imagine the kind of demonic nonsense my man is going to toss into your face holes in one year from now?

If there are people out there that have the capacity to react with anything but the face in the header image, I certainly do not want to hear about it. This life is hard enough without that kind of nonsense in your ears, so please keep it to yourselves.

Raimi is not only one of our greatest living filmmakers, he’s a guy with an understanding of Marvel that rivals that of Kevin Feige himself. He’s also proven himself more than capable under just about any level or type of producer. And what does this mean for the standard Marvel Method? Raimi, a seasoned and brilliant director, is a far cry from the hungry and talented up-and-comers Marvel has filled their stable with in recent years. My prediction is that moves like this are a bellwether for the kind of direction you can expect from Marvel now that the Infinity Saga is well and truly wrapped.

But honestly, I had to fight to come up with this much to say about this news. Lewton Bus expects more from our editorial staff than screaming until lasers blast out of every orifice and kicking over buildings.

This is amazing news, and I am suddenly very excited for a Doctor Strange movie.

We truly live in a world of Miracles.



  1. Unfortunately, it also appears that Rachel McAdams will also not be returning