This time, it's a 12-sided cube.

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We’re a dedicated, professional bunch at Cinema Chance Cube. That’s why here at Cube, HQ we’ve delayed gratification for one week, just to bring you a double dose of that delightfully dotardly discussion you expect from the hosts of this, your favorite podcast1. As we ramp up in anticipation for yet another Reload (and a fun new Guest episode), we’ve got 2 new episodes for you to sink your teeth into, starting with the 3rd film by master Guillermo del Toro, The Devil’s Backbone. Unlike Federico Luppi’s Casares, the competition was stiff this week. In an effort to infuriate and confound me, Kevin brought Doug Ellin’s 2015 followup to the ‘hit’ show Entourage to the cube, which is titled Entourage. May we never speak of it again. He also brought 2018 John Travolta vanity project and baffling disaster Gotti, directed by former Entourage-r Kevin Connolly. My personal picks were a tad less high-brow, as I dropped the 1987 exploitation film Rolling Vengeance, where a truck driver exacts revenge on crime boss Ned Beatty by building a weaponized monster truck, and Steve Miner’s 1986 horror-comedy House2. Shannon brought us home with the masterpiece we ended up watching, after running it through the gauntlet against Stephen Norrington’s debut, 1994’s Death Machine.

I think we all got pretty lucky.


In fine Chance Cube form, we couldn’t get through this beautiful, engaging film without bringing up Steven Seagal, which led to this moment of exquisite joy:

Hot on the heels of the moody, romantic masterpiece by one of our favorite directors, we needed to air out the room a little. This week, Kevin brought what can only be described as one of the most ill-conceived, ill-advised movies I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn about; the 2003 dramedy Tiptoes, starring Gary Oldman and Matthew McConaughey as twin brothers, one of whom is a little person. It must be seen to be believed. His other choice was the one we ended up picking, which also appears to be quite ill-conceived/advised, if at least much more enjoyable. For my part, I chose the 2009 remake of the classic slasher property, Friday the 13th, a movie that honestly should be far more beloved than it is, even amongst the other films in the series. Staying perfectly on-brand, I also chose the 1991 Tim Thomerson vehicle Dollman, directed by Cube-Fave Albert Pyun. Finally, Shannon incurred my never-ending hatred and wrath by picking kaiju classic Gamera: Guardian of the Universe before I could, alongside the awesome Jaws ripoff Orca.

This time, the odds weren’t quite in our favor, but I can’t say we didn’t have a good time puzzling over this excessively 2000 Robert De Niro passion project. That last sentence was not a joke.

As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy.
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  1. Suck it, Blank Check
  2. No, not the Japanese film Hausu.