Cinema Chance Cube, Episode 10: THE HIDDEN

Chekhov's Flamethrower

After last week’s chat about Ang Lee’s ambitious and stylistically flamboyant take on giant green dudes and psychological turmoil, the dynamic trio of Cinema Chance Cube decided to return to our meat and potatoes. Or rather, Ryan’s meat and potatoes. Ryan, you see, seems to have “a thing” about movies involving cops and aliens. Don’t kink shame. So this week the Cube gave us Jack Sholder’s bonkers SF/action film The Hidden, which involves cops and, you guessed it, aliens. The movie is a blast, and we think this episode is too.

This was after a Chance Cube rolling that also included Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,1 Sudden Death,2 Paths of Glory,3 The Haunting,4 and Munich.5

In this episode we talk alien farts, Kyle MacLachlan being pretty and weird, and chalkboard pitches for a sequel to The Hidden. Ignoring the one that actually exists. Oh, and obviously we talk about Ryan’s somewhat creepy obsession with movies about cops and aliens and strip clubs.

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  1. Let us count our blessings that Chance was on our side.
  2. The best movie ever to include a fight between Jean-Claude Van Damme and a hockey mascot.
  3. Some war flick or something by some hack I’ve never heard of.
  4. Robert Wise’s 1963 premake of Jan de Bont’s 1999 classic ghost story.
  5. Steven Spielberg’s historical drama, which sounds awesome but I haven’t seen it, so I’m not going to make any jokes about it.