Cinema Chance Cube, Episode 26: LOST HIGHWAY

Hope she sees this, bro

lost highway patricia arquette

Fate has smiled upon your humble, fragilely male Cinema Chance Bois by delivering us some David Lynch. I was so thrilled at the opportunity to revisit a movie I struggled with when it came out, with my compadres, as we hooked a thumb on the Lost Highway

David Lynch’s filmography is rife with experimentation, meditation, sly humor, and far less puzzle-humping than many filmgoers would have you believe. We joyfully dig into the themes and purpose of these scenes, but we also have a blast just going with Lynch’s whims in this surreal, sexy modern tragedy. All 3 of us have a differing level of devotion to Lynch and to Lost Highway, but the mere opportunity to discuss this rumination on the fragile male ego from one of our most exciting living artists is such a treat. It’s also funny (in the cringe way) to talk about how many people in this movie are, uh… problematic.

Oh, we also talk a lot about Rammstein, including the flat-out incredible cover of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped”, which you can find at the bottom of the article (NSFW). It turns out we all love Rammstein as much as Lynch, even if Henry Rollins wasn’t quite on that vibe at full volume while he was filming Lost Highway.

Fate decided to push these other 5 movies into a table, bisecting their brains:

  1. Assassin 33 A.D.1
  2. God’s Not Dead
  3. Ernest In The Army
  4. Sanjuro
  5. Carnosaur

Oh, and one more thing: You’ll never convince me that Bill Pullman isn’t playing Trent Reznor from the future in this movie.

trent reznor sax


bill pullman sax


As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy.
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  1. I’ll never stop being mad that Fate cheated us out of this dynamite opportunity. This sounds incredible