WE’RE BACK! We’ve got another dope episode for you. First we came at you with aliens. Then we came as the devil herself. Then we tried just being mutsy ennui-stricken Frenchmen. Now, we’re pulling out all the stops and plotting political assassinations and elaborate serial killings. That’s right, we watched Brian De Palma’s 1981 masterpiece Blow Out, starring John Travolta, Nancy Allen, Dirtbag Dennis Franz, and John Lithgow as the world’s most insane hitman/fixer/serial killer.

This episode has everything you could possibly ask for in a mere 90 minute podcast. It’s got sleaze. It’s got cinematic technique explanations. It’s even got Mario Teaches Typing. Buddy, this one has it all.

We’re not afraid to drop some extremely spicy hot takes this time around—like that Max Landis can eat shit and that French Stewart isn’t funny. Also, Ryan nearly murders me merely by rattling off the name of a character from the cult TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Shannon continues his quest to slowly morph into the oldest man in history by detailing his skills on the ol’ typewriter. I also reference my finest piece of writing that has ever flowed out of my rotting brain: my letterboxd review of ArmageddonIn true Cinema Chance Cube fashion, we’ve chameleon-ed ourselves to best exemplify the film we’re discussing. In this case, we’re the podcast equivalent of a dude in a food-stained tank top that pisses with the door open.

Seen: Left – Cinema Chance Cube; Right – Our Listeners

A film as good as Blow Out probably deserves better than the mere praise of the Cinema Chance Cube degenerates, but we do our best. So listen up, like, subscribe, rate and review us… and maybe give us a couple comments below to tell us on a scale of 1-10 how much you’d like to see Shannon’s Mom as a future guest on the show.

Also, as we mention at the end of the show (in a rare moment of pure earnestness), please support your local film festivals and foundations (such as the Phoenix Film Festival) and The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (who we’ve hosted events with in the past). They’re good organizations that need help in the current pandemic and recession.


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