We’ve gone through an entire round of Chance Cube-in’ here on the show, so we thought it would be fun to take a break and invite on a guest to break up the monotony of listening to only our voices every episode. Our first guest is none other than our good friend and Lewton Bus contributor Mavis McGee, and boy howdy did she pick a film ripe for discussion. She may have threatened us by loading the cube with a post-1980s Francis Ford Coppola, a notoriously bad cancer weepy, or *shudders* an Anime, but instead we got lucky and got to get drunk on whiskey and eat ribs while watching Sam Peckinpah’s The Getaway.

This movie owns so hard, and it was a blast to get to watch it. We’re big fans of Peckinpah here at Lewton Bus, but The Getaway was actually one of my personal blindspots in his filmography. No one on the episode had seen this one before, so it was a lot of fun to dive into it and its idiosyncrasies and Peckinpah’s picadillos, all despite it being his most mainstream film. His Weezer album, if you will. Also Steve McQueen might be the coolest MFer who ever lived and he makes you like a character who is a total asshole. It’s my kind of movie.

We also pitch Rob Zombie’s Joker, Mavis and Ryan discuss their mutual loathing of West Texas and how it smells like farts, and Shannon admires the mechanisms of garbage trucks. Also plenty of dog and cat chat, and I can’t help myself but be mesmerized by the food in this film, which includes ribs, burritos, poorly cooked eggs with ketchup, and carhop burgers with a surprise.

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