The Daly Planet: Will VIDEODROME Be Inducted into the Kryptonian Collection?

Death to VIDEODROME? Long live the New Flesh?

This week I had the distinct honor and pleasure of joining Scott Daly, Matt Freeman and Chad Acevedo on the Daly Planet podcast. Here’s more info:

It’s October and we here at The Daly Planet are celebrating the month of spooky movies by nominating one for consideration into the Kryptonian Collection: David Cronenberg’s 1983 Sci Fi Body Horror film Videodrome.Challenger Shannon Hubbell brings the film before our council and we discuss and vote on it’s into this illustrious collection.

Will Videodrome prove worthy or will the council proclaim for the new flesh. Tune in and find out!

It was a great discussion of one of my very favorite films and I had a blast. Be sure to check it out.

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