Souls on Fire

I wrestled with the words to describe my experience watching Burning. The spirit of it mirrored parts of mine, so much so that it feels like it’s seeping into my own actual memories of self. I am unable to deconstruct the schema of the film within the analytical functions of my brain, nor can I incite some type of chemical reaction via hot blooded passion, for the film is too calmly nebulous to maintain a single phase of matter. In light of this quandary, I decided to experiment and let my soul do the talking.


You can see it with crystal clarity, yet it remains clouded.
The sun waning into azure and indigo.

At the end of all things, here we are alone together.

Young Love from kinship’s past. Formative years into new forms.
Like my lover years ago, an adolescent bond consecrated
in full grown flesh and seasoned mind.

The day she claimed me for her prize was the same.
Awkwardly pawing at the prophylactic. Uncertain of self after years of disuse. After years of misuse

It’s constricting. She guides it with care.
The consolidation of power, surrendered to each other.

Enter The Revenant.

The Morningstar, fairest of God’s creatures, beauty unrivaled, cunning irresistible, malevolence unimaginable.
In modernity’s embrace, love is lost. Trapped in concrete spires, towers of glass just sheathed razors yet to be shattered.

At least the food is good.

“Darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the Waters”
An ill wind, coming over, as gentle as the autumn breeze.

The mind with all its formidable faculties is still so fragile.


His mind races, winding through barren farm fields. The smell of those fields is still fresh. Fermentation and decomposition.


How far would you descend into madness for love? How much farther for hatred?
How much farther will we fall until we can fall no longer?
How much dirt and blood can you be stained with before it never washes off.

Perhaps it’s already too far gone.

Sever the chord and set this world ablaze.

It is my hope that you, my dear readers, have gleaned something substantial from this little deviation. Even if you didn’t, however, the most important thing to take away is that Burning is a phenomenal experience worth checking out. Hopefully it will inspire something within you like it has for me. Peace.