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Isolation Nation: Volume 9

Aliens! Video Games! More Aliens! More video games?

This week in ISOLATION NATION, Shannon talks BEYOND SKYLINE, Alfredo is playing Roguelikes, Trey is creeped by ALAN WAKE, and Jared’s solving X-FILES.

Isolation Nation: Volume 8

Spider-Man! Shooty Shows! Sandworms! THE SPICY TAKES MUST FLOW!

We’re back to a bigger format this week in ISOLATION NATION, featuring pieces from Diane on Wynona Earp, Jared on Dune, and David on Spider-Man!

Isolation Nation: Volume 6 – Deluxe!

Monsters (Hunters and Factories)! Audio Engineering! A deluxe feature on Kim's Convenience!

This week in Isolation Nation, we talk about Monster Hunting video games, Monster Making podcasters, audio engineering YouTube channels, and the absolutely wonderful Netflix show Kim’s Convenience!

Isolation Nation: Volume 4

'Rona cooking safety! Red Dead Redemption! Rachmaninov! Records by Foxy Shazam! Rambling love-letters to Gourds!

This week on Isolation Nation, we’re jamming to a lot of disparate tunes, cooking up a storm, and riding the ranges of Red Dead Redemption, as we drive down hazy memory lane.