The BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC trailer is Most Triumphant

A Bill & Ted Break for Your Timeline’s Sake

bill and ted 3

I can’t tell you how happy the trailer for Bill & Ted Face The Music made me today. The world is going through some shit right now, and at times it can be a bit overwhelming, so to have this little ray of sunshine starting my day off was most non-heinous.

Let’s take a look.


The trailer itself is only a teaser, giving us just a hint of the plot that will see our most excellent dudes attempting to steal from their future selves the song that will save the world, a few glimpses of older but not wiser Bill & Ted, and a good helping of the tone we can expect – which looks spot on.

Bill & Ted appear to remain loveable earnest doofuses, a couple of kind-hearted dummies who just want to be in a band that is most triumphant, and who are once again saddled with the weight of expectation and the future of mankind. 

Though, I suppose the years between Bogus Journey and now have seen them carrying that burden, always looking and waiting for the moment when they will change the world. What does that sort of expectation do to a person? How does it shape your life and your choices? I suppose in many ways that is the burden of all young people – the expectation to change the world. And then when they don’t, when they “age out” and get careers and kids, they pass the burden onto the next generation in the hopes that it will succeed where they have failed.

bill and ted face the music

But the title here – Face the Music – seems to suggest that perhaps Bill & Ted will face up to their own failures and mistakes and attempt to finish what it is they started, rather than simply passing the responsibility onto their children (who we catch only a glimpse of in the trailer).

Maybe, just maybe, Bill & Ted Face the Music will be just the thing we need right now.

And remember: be excellent to each other.