Chris Evans Reminds you that Animals Rule in the SUPERPOWER DOGS Trailer

Quite possibly the sweetest thing you'll see all week

A lot of the time, it’s tempting to give up on everything because of the never-ending wave of horrifying and rage-inducing news in our Twitter feeds. But every now and then, something comes out that makes you go “Oh, this is exactly why life exists in the world”; and you suddenly find yourself recovering your faith in humanity. This week, it’s this delightful trailer for Superpower Dogs. Enjoy!

A documentary about rescue dogs narrated by the embodiment of earnestness himself is, for all intents and purposes, a concept specifically designed to make you smile for all eternity. We take dogs for granted, and it’s easy to forget all the amazing things they do for us, like providing their company and making us laugh when we need it the most. These are under-appreciated stories that deserve to be told, and in gorgeously shot IMAX imagery, no less. A somewhat surprising, but appreciated choice considering the depth of these situations.  

It’s always good to have reminder that no matter how awful things get, and how little options we have to move forward, dogs are there to give us a paw.

Superpower Dogs will be ready to empty all your paper tissue boxes on March 15, 2019.