Drop Whatever You’re Doing and Watch the Latest BLACK PANTHER Trailer

"Don't freeze." "I never freeze."

To be honest, Marvel probably didn’t need to put out another trailer for Black Panther. The brilliant, Run The Jewels-soundtracked teaser that dropped in June already pretty much sold everyone who laid eyes on it that Marvel and director Ryan Coogler (Creed) had another winner in their hands. However, that didn’t stop them from unleashing another trailer onto the world and well, just give this thing two and a half minutes of your time.

Holy shit.

First off, this looks amazing. Wakanda looks far more vibrant than most of the other locations we’ve visited in MCU films. I mean, just look at that screencap above, we’re clearly worlds away from when Thor: The Dark World‘s titular alien world just looked like a dreary desert. And let’s not forget to mention the many, many dope suits of armour on display. This trailer is also a fine showcase for what might be the finest cast the studio has ever assembled. Chadwick Boseman seems to have found just the right balance between warmth and fierce determination for the role of the titular hero, and the likes of Angela Bassett, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o all appear to be right at home too.

The main knock you can give against this trailer is that it’s still somewhat light on plot, but the huge amounts of energy and atmosphere on display (once again helped by a great hip-hop soundtrack, whoever selects the music for these trailers deserves a raise) more than make up for that in my book. We all know we’re going to see this one when it opens February 18th anyway, so I don’t mind Coogler playing his cards close to his vest.