GEOSTORM Looks Like What You Would Expect From the Title

In which Shannon discovers it's hard to type "Devlin" without accidentally typing "Devil"

Here’s the post where Shannon defends the 1998 TriStar Godzilla. No! Wait! Come back! It’s only sort of a defense. That movie is dumb as hell and earns the derisive mantle of “Godzilla in Name Only” fair and square. However, imagine if a legitimate, recognizable Godzilla came out in the US that year. With that in mind, the Devlin and Emmerich version is perfectly watchable as an Asylum-style mockbuster of that film. It’s fun!

I’ve been saying that for years, and it appears that Dean Devlin was listening. He’s ventured into the Asylum and emerged with the mockbuster-ready title Geostorm. Let’s see what he does with it.

Thanks to his association with the “Devlin and Emmerich” brand (StargateIndependence Day), it’s easy for me to forget that, until now, Dean Devlin had never directed a feature film, and it certainly looks like he’s aiming to out-stupid his buddy Roland. I don’t know what the trailer is doing with its weirdo use of “Time Has Come Today,” but otherwise it looks like fun. With its giant weather-controlling space stations and comedic Presidential kidnapping subplots, it looks silly and light enough that I may overcome my aversion to disaster porn mass death.

Also, it really looks like Gerard Butler wants to be crowned the King of Big Hollywood Shlock. You go, Gerry!