JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON Trailer Promises Hilarious Espionage Thrills

Mission: Impossible meets Bojack Horseman

When it comes to dumb action movies, nothing quite matches the unique charm of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s filmography, which has given us iconic moments like knocking out a snake with a chop (Hard Target), surviving an explosion with the help of a Coke vending machine (Double Team), and of course, countless glorious leg splits.

Now he’s trying something a little different for his Amazon Prime Video show Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

The idea of Van Damme playing a washed-up version of himself in a world where he happens to be a hitman is way too weird to overlook. Despite this offbeat setting, it undoubtedly feels like a JCVD effort in the sense that the action and dialog are delivered with his trademark badass demeanor and a twisted tongue-in-cheek humor. Seems like the perfect opportunity to take a look at why the Belgian martial artist is one of our greatest action stars while delving into a compelling spy story in its own right.

I can’t wait for December 17 to get here so we can witness the pleasure of Van Damme getting back to do what he does best and then some.