Vehicle Insurance Companies are having a Blast in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT Trailer

Ethan Hunt goes through another ruined vacation in Europe

Tom Cruise is the Master of the Universe and the greatest man to ever live. In order to remember this unquestionable fact, we have the yearly tradition of getting a movie where Cruise flirts with death for the sake of our entertainment. Now’s the turn of Mission: Impossible: Fallout, which released a new trailer today.

So… this is pretty much everything we’ve learned to expect from the M:i series. It has running, a motorcycle chase, jumps from questionable heights, handsomely shot locales, and of course, a middle aged dude in a business suit getting impatient with our boy Ethan Hunt.

I know the biggest selling point in these flicks is Tom Cruise performing some crazy ass stunt that’s basically designed to remind you that your life is ultimately meaningless in the large scheme of things. Personally, I’m more interested in Fallout being the culmination of the previous M:i films, which have been, for the most part, consequence-free in the long run. Ethan Hunt is at his best when he’s angry, desperate and has something personal to lose, and judging by Sean Harris’ appropriately creepy foreshadowing, that’s exactly what we’ll be getting.

Cruise and friends look game, as usual. With that said, Henry Cavill (rocking his now iconic mustache like nobody’s business) seems like the most exciting of the bunch. Especially because he appears to be a dark mirror for Hunt. Cavill is delivering his lines with menacing gusto, and his action chops feel absolutely killer. As a particularly big fan of M:i:III, I’m also looking forward to see the awesome Michelle Monaghan back in the picture and check how she has been holding up.1

Is Ethan Hunt finally reaching his breaking point after chasing so many MacGuffins, tolerating so many betrayals and getting treated like a human punching bag? We’ll find out when Mission: Impossible: Fallout comes out on July 27, 2018.

  1. Please don’t fridge her.