Sony Tries a Gambit in the MORBIUS Trailer

It’s kind of bananas that after the meta narrative of the last two cinematic Jokers, Jared Leto gets to be a bat man.

They are marketing this as the offspring of both Venom and the Marvel/Sony Spider-Man films. There even is an end-credits scene teasing a crossover. They put those in trailers now too? The future is amazing.

I don’t even know why they bothered with the Joker when it’s clear that Leto should have always been a sexy vampire who broods to goth remixes of “Für Elise.” I think it works tonally, but I’m one of the ones that didn’t hateVenom. The purplish mist effects look a bit goofy and they made sure to explain to us that this isn’t just a vampire, but a dolphin-vampire, so don’t act surprised when he bites Spider-Man.

You can see Morbius in July and hopefully Mahershala Ali will stab Jared Leto on screen at some point in the coming years.