The CREED II Trailer Has Royalty Inside Its DNA


Creed was an absolute blast. A perfect blend of earnestness, grit and thematic weight, it revived the dormant Rocky franchise and filled it with newfound potential. The strange part is that it was built from the fallout of Rocky IV, a rather cartoonish and bombastic product of Sylvester Stallone’s artistic sensibilities back in the Reagan era. In this new trailer for Creed II, we get a taste of what to expect when this saga is brought full circle. 

There’s a very effective sense of danger and that Donnie has more to lose this time around. Keeping Drago Jr. relatively hidden is a clever choice that sells him as some sort of frightening urban legend and a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention the idea to portray Rocky and Bianca as sources of despair and hope, respectively. Michael B. Jordan delivering his lines with his trademark fearlessness makes it all the more exciting to witness. This also happens to be a great looking trailer, especially when it comes to the use color to instantly establish Donnie and Drago as opponents and as characters that come from fundamentally different backgrounds.

Creed was all about carrying the weight of familial expectations, and having Donnie face off against the boxing dynasty that was, in part, responsible for his existential crisis is most certainly an event to look forward to. Ivan Drago is an all-timer villain,1 and hopefully his son can live up to the reputation, mirroring Donnie’s arc in the first movie. 

It’s also worth noting the timeliness of the proceedings. Very much like Rocky IV, Creed II is coming out at a time when Russia is considered a collective threat for the United States, and it will be interesting to see if the film did something with that context. 

Creed II is set to hit theaters on Thanksgiving weekend, November 21, 2018

  1. editor’s note: *hippo fart*