The First HOBBS & SHAW Trailer is an Ice Cold Can of Whoop-ass

At The Mountains Of Meathead

I’m a member of that vocal minority of Fast fans who felt that The Fate of the Furious botched Deckard Shaw’s redemption arc. Jason Statham’s villainous character from Furious 7 was ripe for inclusion in the F&F Fambly, motivated as he was by family, but the fact that he killed the beloved Han at the end of Fast & Furious 6 needed to be addressed. As delightful as Shaw is in Fate (that baby scene!), Han’s name is never even uttered and thus Shaw’s “redemption” plays as pretty hollow for me.

But what’s done is done. Let’s all just play along with the idea that Shaw has earned his spot at the fambly table, head bowed as Grace is said. Because holy crap, Statham and Dwayne Johnson being charismatic as hell together? In a movie directed by John Wick‘s David Leitch? I am all on board for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (full title). Let’s take a look at the first trailer.

YUP. I am definitely there for this. One of the biggest questions going into this first Fast and/or Furious spin-off is what would require bringing in both British Jason Voorhees and Samoan Thor. The answer? Idris Elba. CYBORG IDRIS ELBA. People have been joking for years that this franchise will eventually have to go to space, but I’d argue that Brixton’s science fiction super-human enhancements are equivalent to that.

It’s hard to tell if this film will stick with the sappy earnestness that has partially defined the franchise thus far, but this type of sci-fi escalation seems entirely on brand. I am excited. My butt will be in the theater on August 2nd.