The marketing blitz for Showtime’s eighteen-episode revival of this writer’s favorite television show, Twin Peaks, is finally kicking into gear. The campaign has been incredibly vague up to this point, with footage being held to a minimum and little-to-nothing being revealed about the plot. Most of what we know is stuff that was already previously announced – that David Lynch directed all eighteen episodes, many of the original cast members are returning, and a murderer’s row of new cast members have been added to the mix, including Monica Bellucci, Michael Cera, Ernie Hudson, and Trent Goddamn Reznor.

This new teaser, released earlier today, mostly continues the vague trend. However, we do get looks at some of the new cast members, as well as a few new lines of dialogue.

As one of the resident Peaks-heads on the site, the marketing has been doing a lot for me. While I imagine a lot of this is completely going over the heads of series newcomers and casual fans of the show, it’s kind of nice to have the familiar characters and the iconography be slowly revealed to us, as well as having no idea of what the new stuff is to come. Plus, this is the first new real David Lynch content since 2006’s Inland EmpireThis is something to get excited about.

The Twin Peaks revival premieres on May 21st, and I will be doing weekly write-ups of each episode exclusively for Lewton Bus. Don’t miss it.