Winnie Pooh Strikes Back in the CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Teaser Trailer

Black eyes. Like a bear's eyes...

So you’re an average Joe that works hard to keep your lovely family happy. But that life is suddenly threatened by the unexpected presence of your weird childhood best friend (who may or may not be imaginary) coming back to rub your midlife crisis on your face. That’s the premise to sell for this surprisingly unsettling teaser trailer for Christopher Robin.

Now, things seem mostly okay (please don’t squander Hayley Atwell) until Winnie Pooh comes into the picture. Without any historic context and cute music, the paranoia-inducing cinematography and color-muted landscape inform that the iconic honey-loving bear is… kind of a creep? Seems like he has been taking notes from the Pennywise manual to scare mentally scarred adults and reopen buried childhood traumas. Because we all know it’s totally normal to approach people from behind in lonely places.

There’s also something about Pooh’s emotionless face and delivery that adds to the scary atmosphere. The voice tone he uses to comment on Christopher Robin’s wrinkles is not that different from that of a man who lost his inner peace after attending a poorly managed mental asylum for the criminally insane. It’s almost like he’s trying to be intimidating.

Christopher doesn’t even seem excited about it. He’s just like “maybe I should start taking things easier with those margaritas”.

What happened to the cheerful and adorable bear we all know and love? We’ll find out when Christopher Robin haunts you in your nightmares this summer.