Worlds Continue To Collide In The New AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer

There's more reasons to read the attached article than the video link and poster, we swear!

Normally I’d just get out of your way and let you see the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer, but you come here for perspective. Not just perspective, dorky perspective!

To wit, I’ve run a tally: This trailer shows us bits from twenty-four scenes (which I count in the sense of a certain set of characters in a certain place). Two of those are Josh Brolin’s big evil raisin Thanos and/or his new retinue (He’s a megalomaniac who wants to kill half the universe, but I won’t do him the disservice of calling it an “entourage”). Another is something involving Doctor Strange inside his Sanctum Sanctorum Wizard Hut, where we know from the first trailer Tony Stark and Bruce Banner will be along shortly. Two more are Tony Stark and Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy, in what looks to me like two different places, but cut together to suggest a single scene.

It seems a little strange that they feel the need to suggest more crossover than there is, because every single one of the other nineteen scenes in the trailer involve characters we’ve seen in movies before, in a combination that we’ve never seen. Check it out!

Let’s run down the highlights: Avengers meeting the Wakandan royals! The Guardians clowning around to Iron Man and Spider-Man! More of that big space ouroborous above Manhattan, but this time Iron Man turns into Inspector Gadget to fight it!1 Thought has clearly gone into the whos and whys of the combinations, given where these heaps of characters are coming from.

This same thought has gone into the poster, where the blunt fact of having so many people to show off has produced something a lot more comprehensible and organized than your usual “Just all their heads” poster:

Can they really pull this off? What of the characters, central and supporting, that we still haven’t seen? I’m sure you know the way to register your answers and opinions by now, the same way you know who all these quipping, flying folks are.

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  1. Regarding the space ouroboros, we see Spider-Man swinging under the Queensboro Bridge to get to it, in the same spot as the climax as his first movie, from the Precambrian year of 2002. Given how the MCU has so scrupulously avoided stuff from the many, many previous Spider-Man movies, this is interesting to me.