Kree and Skrulls and Flerkens, Oh My!

Well folks, it’s here, Captain Marvel has photon blasted its way onto movie screens all across the country and the world, and the Lewton Bus crew is loving it. As always with major releases of this caliber, we like to give our readers a space to discuss the movie in depth, free from fear of spoiling someone else’s experience, which means it is once again time to enter the Spoilerdome. Standard Spoilerdome warnings apply: this is a spoiler rich environment and anyone hoping to go into Captain Marvel unspoilt needs to turn around right now, because no plot point, joke, or heartfelt moment is out of bounds in this comment section. So if you’ve seen Captain Marvel and need a place to discuss, come on in and share your thoughts on the film including your thoughts on everyone’s favorite character, Goose the cat!