DIE HARD With a Podcast, Episode 4

Holly Gennaro (and Holly McClane)

Huzzah! We have a fourth episode of Simone Chavoor’s excellent podcast, Die Hard With a Podcast. This time around she’s talking John McLane’s estranged wife, Holly. Take a listen!

Holly Gennaro McClane: portrayed in Die Hard by Bonnie Bedelia, John McClane’s estranged wife reflects the conflicts and contradictions facing women at the time the film was made – and even still today. She’s a working woman, a mother, and a wife. But there’s no consensus on whether she’s also a damsel in distress, or if she – like so many other conventions that Die Hard challenges – goes beyond your typical 80s action movie female lead.

In this episode, Simone is joined by Reed Fish, Ed Grabionowski, Sasha Perl-Raver, Adam Sternbergh, Katie Walsh, and Scott Wampler.

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