The Bus Stops Here, Episode 7: DREDD (2012)

Our assessment starts now.

The Lewton Bus crew return to discuss the quintessential and underappreciated modern classic Dredd. Ryan Roch, Andrew Clark, and Shannon Hubbell turn their Lawgivers on the influences and impact of a violent dystopia roughly 40 years in the making. Our special guest this week is Arthur Wyatt of 2000AD, author of the excellent Dredd film tie-in comics, and many other zarjazz works of comic wizardry.

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  • Andrew Clark


  • Andrew Clark

    Self-correction that Wood Harris plays Avon Barksdale on The Wire and NOT Marlo Stanfield. I had season 4 on the brain and goofed!

    • ryanrochnroll

      I thought that was off. Well we also barely talked about Anderson, so mea Culpas all around.

  • Morton Judd

    Great podcast, always nice to hear the American side, but typical web-based pedantry will follow: Dredd was publicly announced to be in development in 2008 rather than 2006 – which would’ve been almost 2 years before DNA films got interested in buying the rights and DNA/Alex Garland’s previous film Sunshine hadn’t even been greenlit.;nowap