Swing into the Spoilerdome!

Well folks, the day finally arrived. Spider-Man: Homecoming officially debuted last night to near universal approval and if you’re anything like us here at Lewton Bus, you’ve already seen it and desperately want a place to discuss the movie in detail without worrying about spoiling it for others. Well, it’s our tradition here at Lewton Bus to provide you with just such a place, so without further ado, we present to you yet another exciting addition of Spoilerdome!

Be warned, the comments section of this piece is a full on spoiler friendly environment, so if you haven’t seen Homecoming yet, do not read the comments! For the rest of you, have at it! What did you love about the movie? Have a favorite scene? A favorite character? Let us know, and remember this is a spoiler friendly environment so feel free to go into as much detail as you like!


    HOMECOMING isn’t perfect, but I loved it all the same. It’s the absolute best version of Peter Parker we’re ever likely to get on film.

    • Andrew Clark

      Oh boy just reading that page and thinking about how well realized it is in the movie is going to make me cry over my breakfast. T_T

      • When I realized where that scene was going, shivers ran down my spine.

  • The film is great, but the possibilities for he future of MCU Peter is the most exciting thing for me

    • Lilgreenman

      Not just MCU Peter, the MCU in general was great in this one.

      Tony and Pepper deciding to make things official to smooth over a random blip feels really authentic to the original, HIS GIRL FRIDAY conception of their relationship. I wanna see a lot more of all the details we get, from Tyne Daly as the Secretary of Damage Control (which she was, according to the credits) to casual conversations like F/M/K with the Avengers.

      • Andrew Clark

        What a badass title “Secretary of Damage Control” is.

  • Andrew Clark

    “Come on Peter. Come on Spider-Man. Come on Spider-Man. Come on Spider-man.”

  • Andrew Clark

    Something I keep coming back to in my thoughts is how well realized the High School moments all are. The interpersonal dynamics of the characters, the little moments here and there. When Peter admits to liking Liz in the hallway is so incredible because it is exactly how conversations like that go (I had that conversation word-for-word in high school, and literally all you CAN do is lamely walk away like that with the BIGGEST smile on your face).

    It was one thing for them to go on about realizing a John Hughes kind of vibe for their high school, it’s quite another to actually succeed. Though to be honest, Hughes always operated in a quasi-heightened reality that this movie saves for its superheroics…the high school stuff is actually incredibly grounded. I would compare it to the blunt reality of SUPERBAD before THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

    Watching Peter struggling with choosing Spider-Man over Peter Parker for the entire movie was very fulfilling. A massive part of him just wants to be a kid, but he knows…with great power comes great responsibility. It flickers across his face every time he has to make that choice, and what’s even more amazing is that they never have to say this aloud. We understand it.

    This is what makes his decision at the end to turn Tony down so great, too. Instead of choosing Spider-Man, Peter chooses…Peter. He realizes that he has the responsibility to not just be Spider-Man, but to be Peter. He grows and learns. That’s a wonderful thing.

    I have so many moments I loved, but I’m sleep-deprived and addled and will chime in more throughout the day.

    How about that Tony/Pepper coda, huh?? I thought that was really sweet.

    • Andrew Clark

      Actually you know what is a pretty John Hughes-y thing? Your bad guy turning out to be -gulp- your Homecoming date’s dad!

      • They even could’ve gone full FERRIS BUELLER with it and have had Toomes turn around and say “I got ya, Spider-Man.”

    • Allen

      It feels super real. If Watts wasn’t coming back I’d absolutely kill to get someone like Kelly Fremon Craig to take over for Spidey: Senior Year.

      • Andrew Clark

        I’m not familiar! What have they done?

        • Allen

          Only the best teen movie of the millennium, The Edge of Seventeen

          • You made a convert of me, buddy – although “Wallflower” ranks right alongside it for me, as far as teen films of the new century. I’m probably a crap judge though since I’m 25 years out of that cohort.

      • Didn’t know Watts is coming back, that’s great news.

    • Real real high school times is something that the films just haven’t been able to do justice too, and IMO it’s totally critical to Peter’s genesis. You don’t get to spiderman without spider-boy. I’m so glad to hear this film nails it.

  • ryanrochnroll

    The scene where Glover and Spidey stop mid scene to argue about who had better sandwiches in Queens made me die. New York priorities.

    • Allen

      “Too much bread”
      “I like bread”

  • Andrew Clark

    Everyone deserves praise in this movie. Watts controls pacing and tone on an incredible level. Set-ups and pay-off all sell. Moments that feel like that would be have been telegraphed in a lesser movie are a complete shock (Liz’s dad reveal).

    Martin Starr was an MVP, for me. I loved how the humor was not commented on in a big way, despite the movie being so absolutely funny. Keeping it grounded (ostensibly) helped juxtapose with the crazy superhero highjinks really well.

    I’m bias, obviously, but I loved all the pure NYC moments, from how nonchalant people are interacting with Spider-Man to them chastising him for goofing up.

    I was waiting for Spidey calling out “LIZ!” in the elevator to have some payoff. I think the same result with Liz leaving things with Peter could have been accomplished if she figured out who he was. Would YOU be okay dating the guy who put your dad in jail?

    Loved Karen and the whole sequence in the Damage Control facility. I had thought we would get a nice stand-off between Peter and Tyne Daly but alas. Peter’s suit is so damn cool.

  • ryanrochnroll

    The fact that Vulture not only doesn’t die, but that Peter saves him is everything.

    They got my Spidey.

    Also this movie introduces Scorpion, Prowler, Tinkerer, Shocker, and Vulture.

    Sinister Six in the future with Vulture in the lead, instead of Gobby, sounds like a good way to get a Thunderbolts off the ground.

  • ryanrochnroll

    Jennifer Connelly voicing Karen and her husband being Jarvis/Vision is my favorite, cutest thing.

  • Best. Credits stinger. Ever.

  • Spider-Man has never done a lot for me in cinema (and I’m totally oblivious to the comics). I appreciated the Raimi films more than I loved them, and even then it was as a Raimi fan. But, man. I totally dug this movie and really loved the character. Apparently this is closer to the comics character, so I totally get the appeal now.

  • This might be in my top 3 MCU films now. The scene with Peter saving himself, was such a powerful and important moment. This movie starts just as confidently and earnestly as it ends, I loved it!

  • “pretty sure he is a war criminal now…” Had me in pieces!