Cinema Chance Cube Episode 1: I COME IN PEACE

Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, but significantly dumber and way less majestic: The Lewton Bus podcasts are back, baby! COVID-19 might be keeping us from spending time with each other in person, but fear not, our team is keeping our creative juices1 flowing. We’ve got a brand new podcast series for you in these trying times: Cinema Chance Cube.

Named after our favorite Toydarian’s gambling tool of choice, Cinema Chance Cube features Lewton Bus editor-in-chief Shannon Hubbell, editor Ryan Roch, and myself gambling for our very movie-watching lives. Each week, we will be choosing two films each — for a total of six sides of a chance cube — and randomly selecting one for discussion. Could we be watching an acclaimed masterpiece? Or maybe a blockbuster? Or, more likely based on true Lewton Bus spirit, a piece of trash that has special meaning to one of the brain geniuses hosting this show.

Our first selection was the Dolph Lundgren sci-fi action buddy-cop movie I Come In Peace, co-starring Dream On‘s Brian Benben and directed by Craig R. Baxley (and written by David Koepp!). I Come in Peace has everything: One-liners, heroin, mulleted aliens, boobs, spin-kicks, climate-controlled drug fanny packs… you name it. We go in-depth and provide some hard-hitting insight into this very, very silly movie, including some on-location scouting, some hard-sci-fi breakdowns of alien DNA, and a hypothetical deep-dive into what the planet of heroin aliens looks like. Listen here:

We also go into detail about Aliens-turned-ESPN-college-basketball-analysts, Vyce Victus’s experience seeing Dolph Lundgren in person, Ryan’s absolute seething hatred of the city of Houston, and more. We also talk about Ryan’s dad’s 80s family portrait photo, which is too good to not include here in the show notes, so here you are, presented without comment:

Hope you enjoy! We sure did.

  1. and maybe some other juices based on how Ryan feels about Dolph Lundgren in a leather jacket